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Search engine optimization, or SEO, is one of the more popular modern trends in website development. Its commodity increases as designers promise optimization, but few actually know how to deliver it, since the rules about how search engines function are kept secret and sometimes change. At Poleved, we know these secrets, and stay current on these changes.

Keyword Architecture

Keyword optimization generally occurs by coincidence. The content of a Webpage naturally contains many of the terms search engines look for when ascertaining the subject of a Website. A number of measure are employed improve the visibility of long tail and short tail keywords, more than simply mentioning the same words repeatedly and lesseneing the integrity of your site. We undertand exactly where the search engine "bots" search for relevant keywords, and use techniques like meta-tag coding, canonical tags, and consistent headers to ensure each page is built with search engines in mind.

Link Building

Search engines use links from other pages, called backlinks, to assess the integrity of your site. Each external page that links to yours is considered an endorsement to its trustworthiness. We show you how to build these relationships with sites that direct traffic to you with no return, direct you toward mutual opportunities that exponentially increase exposure, and place your site's URL in as many locations as possible without paying for votes.

Trust Building

Trust is another vital component of SEO, and it is the most difficult to manufacture, since it is mostly based on the amount of traffic that come through your site without logging complains and how many times your site is clicked from search results. Our websites are inherently built to be complaint-free, so the effectiveness of that endeavor is based on the quality of service, but the likelihood of a user clicking your site from the search results is well within control. We build high-quality titles and page snippets that get noticed, avoid spam-filtering mechanisms present in the engines, and create landing pages that push your site from page 50 to page 1.


We were given Poleved's name by word of mouth and are glad we got the recommendation! They created a fully functioning website in a timely manor and exactly to our needs and wants. Poleved was easy to talk to and get a hold of whether it be via phone, email, or in person. Not only did we end up with a great website that get's many compliments but they offered very competitive pricing.

James V. - Maximum Performance PT

Poleved did a phenomenal job of creating a web site and web based data management system for our non profit organization. Our database needs had grown dramatically over the past few years. He provided solutions to our most pressing issues. Poleved gave us prompt feedback during the process and always communicated clearly. It was a pleasure to work with them.

Dave Y. - LPOA

As an individual who does not even know how to turn on the computer or use a touch screen phone, I was amazed at how Poleved was able to explain the process of creating a web site using non-tech explanations. I could not be any happier with the overall process and end result of bringing more patients through my doors.

Dr. Cattafi - Cattafi Chiropractic

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We are a collective of results-driven developers, founded and operating out of New York City, NY. Each team member has over 20 years of experience in their respective field, which cover every aspect of web development, and we each share the same vision of customer satisfaction and professional integrity.

We seek to modernize tried-and-true development practices with our own updated philosophies, and we approach each and every task with the same amount of zeal and focus.

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