Flexiblity equals customer retention.

Between the moment a user clicks on your site and the time it takes them to decide whether the visuals encourage further investigation is about four seconds. Loss of business can occur from something as simple as failing to load the mobile version on a smaller screen, or a "share" button hidden behind a banner when the user zooms in, preventing your URL from reaching the screens of untold amounts of potential consumers. Responsive Web design is the answer to the ever-growing variety of device types, and we are experts in producing responsive sites.


Responsive websites provide optimal views across all platforms, from large widescreen monitors and TVs, to tablets, to mobile phones that vary substantially in size from one generation to the next. We employ progressive and adaptable coding techniques, and utilize fluid, proportion-based grids that resize dynamically to fit all viewports. Not only does this ensure maximum visibiltity of screen text and images--particularly useful for the visually impaired--it accounts for resized windows like the "snapped" variety in Windows 7 and 8, the rectangular screens found on many phones, and customized browers used in the workplace.

Media Queries

Media queries are coded instructions written into a Webpage stylesheet that react to specific page elements and adjust the layout of the page accordingly. This is ideal for image-heavy pages with lots of dividing boxes, as these pages frequently get scrambled on low-spec devices like old phones that don't have the built-in functionalty necessary to handle these transistions on the fly. This method enables us to perform a variety of powerful actions against the machine's hardware, such as omitting images that a device is incapable of rendering, and recalibrating the page's content so no one ever knows the difference.

Progressive Enhancement

Progressive enhancement is a cutting-edge tenent of responsive Web design, where the page not only zooms and scales relative to the user's viewport, but takes advantage of the architecture of the browser's device. Multiplatform programnming capabilities enable us to take advantage of device-specific features, which guarantees sufficient accessibility for all users, and enhanced versions of your page for those with modern software and greater bandwidth. Your site will be as responsive in Internet Explorer on a Windows tablet, or the lastest Opera BETA on a Samsung Galaxy, or Firefox on a Macbook pro with a widescreen monitor.


We were given Poleved's name by word of mouth and are glad we got the recommendation! They created a fully functioning website in a timely manor and exactly to our needs and wants. Poleved was easy to talk to and get a hold of whether it be via phone, email, or in person. Not only did we end up with a great website that get's many compliments but they offered very competitive pricing.

James V. - Maximum Performance PT

Poleved did a phenomenal job of creating a web site and web based data management system for our non profit organization. Our database needs had grown dramatically over the past few years. He provided solutions to our most pressing issues. Poleved gave us prompt feedback during the process and always communicated clearly. It was a pleasure to work with them.

Dave Y. - LPOA

As an individual who does not even know how to turn on the computer or use a touch screen phone, I was amazed at how Poleved was able to explain the process of creating a web site using non-tech explanations. I could not be any happier with the overall process and end result of bringing more patients through my doors.

Dr. Cattafi - Cattafi Chiropractic

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