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Most e-mail campaigns are hit-or-miss. This is because many email marketing "specialists" are versed in the technical aspects of how to set up a campaign, but lack the business acumen and artistic savvy to give consumers a reason to click a title that is buried in a list of hundreds. Our template-free approach is the tool you need to separate your message from the pack.

List Building

Email lists are an effective way to keep your subscribers in the loop, and by extension booss the retentention rates of clientele on a mass-market basis without extraneous cost. The method employed by Poleved are called announcement lists, which act as a one-way stream of information from you to the customer. We will set up automated responses, collect data on subscribers that place them in distinct groups for you to target, manage the design of email content with professional newlsetters, and create effective email blasts that grab their attention and never approach the spam folder.

Precise Tracking

Our tracking infrastructure works in conjunction with list building to take a more targeted approach than the antiquated method of simply forming a list and sending an email to everyon. A diverse customer base usually reflects diverse interests, which means a diverse email campaign may be necessary to avoid filling your consumers' inboxes with information that is not specific to them. Our services include read-and-return reciepts, digitally time-stamped records that show when the sendouts are most effective, and web beacons that increase the accuracy of these usually inexact statistics to a near-zero margin for error.

Click-Through Rates

Just as our tracking mechanisms are an extension of our list building components, click-through rates are the aggregate data that result from precise tracking. These numbers give clearer indication of an email campaign or several campaigns effect on recipients over an extended period of time rather than a daily or monthly cycle. This gives you clearer intelligence for decisions like when to end a campaign, or shift its focus to a different target audience. The end-result is a wealth of easily digestible customer retention informaion at your fingertips.


We were given Poleved's name by word of mouth and are glad we got the recommendation! They created a fully functioning website in a timely manor and exactly to our needs and wants. Poleved was easy to talk to and get a hold of whether it be via phone, email, or in person. Not only did we end up with a great website that get's many compliments but they offered very competitive pricing.

James V. - Maximum Performance PT

Poleved did a phenomenal job of creating a web site and web based data management system for our non profit organization. Our database needs had grown dramatically over the past few years. He provided solutions to our most pressing issues. Poleved gave us prompt feedback during the process and always communicated clearly. It was a pleasure to work with them.

Dave Y. - LPOA

As an individual who does not even know how to turn on the computer or use a touch screen phone, I was amazed at how Poleved was able to explain the process of creating a web site using non-tech explanations. I could not be any happier with the overall process and end result of bringing more patients through my doors.

Dr. Cattafi - Cattafi Chiropractic

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